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Open your eyes to new perspectives!

Open your eyes to new perspectives!

Perhaps, lessons of life are not everything. Maybe life exists just to be lived and appreciated as it is. This is how Claudia sees it and feels it: „Everything is happening for a reason. This reason is to learn important lessons and to open our eyes to new perspectives!”



What you do day by day can really change your perspective, especially when your work is full of passion, ambition, and desire to bring joy to your clients’ souls. Claudia is a brave woman who doesn’t give up when challenges arise on the ground where he practices his job (read: her passion): hairstyle. She knows that interacting with her clients only brings benefits, in spite of effort and fatigue, sometimes.


To stay in the minds of your clients, but especially in the hearts, it takes a lot of preparation, attention and involvement.







„I am grateful for all the opportunities that have come up so far, for the people who believed in me, who gave me the chance to discover me each and every time.” Claudia knows that her „special” gifts are actually common gifts  which anyone has. Calm, patience and goodwill make Claudia shine in every interplay. Every business grows and becomes valuable as long as those involved put their heart in it. Claudia makes every interaction with her clients to gather joy and satisfaction.






loreluxuriouslife.ro: What makes you to act and fulfill your dreams?

  „Ambition and the desire are the ones that move me, because I want to be better and better every day.”





You can find Claudia on her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gligoras.claudia13/?ref=br_rs and by phone: 0720 576 835, Carina Munteanu Salon from Complexul studențesc.



Pe tine ce anume te mișcă în direcția visurilor tale?


I am LORE, LORE LUXURIOUS LIFE creator, Brand ambassador and Creative writer. I have chosen to inspire those who inspire me, to connect people and to make my voice heard.
My powers are: Visibility. Authenticity. Trust. Potential. Voice. Contribution. Enthusiasm. I
I have written on www.loreluxuriouslife.ro 2015 so far over 300 articles with and about women who discover their inner diamond, bring it back to the surface and shine!
We’ve created toghether Same face. Different story, a project dedicated to courageous women that is constantly reinventing, women who live a life full of grace, inspiration and enthusiasm!
„Man can no longer live only for him. We must be aware that lives are valuable and that we are united with all our lives. From this knowledge comes our spiritual relationship with the universe. „Albert Schweitzer
I encourage you to come to light and shine! Make your voice heard. Turn your own image into a genuine and integral BRAND.
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